Best WordPress Coupons, affiliate and Deals Plugin

Ultra Promo Code Coupon plugin is the best WordPress coupons and deals plugin. Our website is lightweight and beginner friendly. We provide multiple inbuilt coupon templates and designs. If you are looking for the best coupon code plugin for affiliate marketing purposes, then you are in the right place. You can make more money with Affiliate Coupons and Deals plugin. Our plugin has multiple features that make it the most powerful and user-friendly WordPress Coupon Plugin.

​​Every template has its own unique design and functionalities like featured images, countdown expiration, multiple coupon codes.

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WordPress Affiliate Plugin for free… Best Coupon Plugin for WP

Why should you use Ultra Promo Code for your next Affiliate Marketing Campaign?

Our Ultra Promo Code WordPress coupon is designed, maintained and supported by WordPress professionals and affiliate marketing experts. Our deals and promo code plugin is handcrafted to empower your affiliate site.

  • Well coded solution for thousands of WordPress-powered sites.

  • Vendor-based, Category-based, event-based coupon creation system.

  • Popup trigger based on time and percentage of page scroll which will improve Traffic Bouncer.

  • Works with all WordPress themes and support SEO and Mobile friendly.

  • Different coupon formats are available – deals, discounts, affiliate link coupon, and code coupon, printable coupons

  • Responsive and attractive shortcode, filter bar, and template system.

  • Click to copy functionality to copy coupon code with a single click and voting system available.

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Why we are the best WP Discount Code Plugin & How affiliate get more leads from this plugin

Design & Functionality

  Every template has its own unique design and functionalities like featured images, countdown enable/disable expiration, multiple coupon codes.

Copy Functions

When a coupon is copied, a link is opened in a new tab. You can use your affiliate link here thus generating more sales from your coupon codes.

SEO & Responsive

Works with all WP themes and support Mobile and SEO friendly Title & description. Responsive and customizable text, colors, designs, everything.

Lightweight & Live Preview

Very lightweight, loads fast. Live Preview of the coupon as you create it. Voting System is available for individual coupons & deals.

Enable/Disable Expiration

Show-Specific Coupons. Hide specific Coupons and expiry date countdown. Once the expiry date arrives, coupons/deals will disable automatically.

Pop-Up triggers

Improved Traffic Bouncer. Creation of unlimited popup trigger based on features like time and percentage of page scroll. Strong Popup blocker-proof.

Multiple Options for coupon

Multiple options for coupon creation: Different coupon formats – deals, discounts, affiliate link coupon, and code coupon, printable coupons.

Catalog development

No Theme Dependancy. Bulk Upload and Bulk Delete options are available. Schema plug-ins are also enabled for Featured products.


★ Social media integration
★ Very lightweight
★ Fast Loading
★ Responsive Layout
★ Attractive shortcode
★ Filter bar
★ Multiple template system
★ Live Preview
★ Click to copy functionality
★ Direct shortcode Insertion
★ Individual coupon Voting System
★ On/Off Social Share Buttons
★ Widget to show coupons
★ Easy to use settings
★ Easy coupon creation
★ Multiple options for coupon creation
★ Expiration system
★ Conditional Stylesheets and scripts
★ 100% mobile responsive
★ customizable text, colors, designs
★ Track events with Google Analytics

★ Vendor-based Coupon creation
★ Category-based coupon creation system
★ event-based coupon creation system
★ Show-Specific Coupons
★ expiry date countdown
★ 10 predesigned coupon templates
★ Show Coupons of specific Category
★ Show Coupons of a specific vendor
★ Different Configurations
★ Popup trigger
★ Improved Traffic Bouncer
★ Category filtering
★ Works with all WordPress themes
★ SEO and Mobile friendly
★ Different coupon formats
★ Creation of unlimited popups
★ Popup blocker-proof
★ Featured products
★ Recent products
★ 24/7 customer support
★ Manual gift card creation

★ Click to Copy​​​​
★ ​Hide Coupon Code
★ Bulk Upload coupons
★ Coupon Id for each vendor & category
★ Title Creation for each coupon
★ SEO-Friendly description for every coupon
★ Product bundles
★ Bulk-Delete options
★ Works on All Devices
★ Compatibility
★ Widgets and Shortcodes
★ Feature Rich & Well-Proven
★ No Theme Dependancy
★ Easy for affiliate promotion
★ Live Preview
★ ​Hide Expired Coupons
★ ​Expiration Countdown
★ Voting Buttons
★ Schema option
★ Viral Coupon
★ Increase engagement