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Webnox Technologies develops unique online job portals with world-class features that will help employers and candidates find the perfect solution.

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Online Job Portal Development Company in India

Webnox Technologies is one of the leading job portal software development company in India. We can support you with our best job portal development software and provide solutions with high-level advanced features. Our expert job portal software developers build job portals that give exceptional features for job seeker and employers and thus bring your ROI back to your business. Our job portal recruitment software in India can take your business to the global audience and allow you to manage the entire aspect of the recruitment industry.

The Efficient Job Portal Software For Employers

As a proficient online job portal development company, we have immense experience in developing specialized job recruitment software solutions that are incredibly user-friendly and engaging.

Experienced Team

Our team will provide expert advice on what best suit your needs

Software Solutions

We offer a variety of job related solutions for different industries

Innovative Designs

Our developers provide innovative designs from latest trends

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We provide multiple job portal solution as per your client’s requirements.

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Job portal software development

Job Portal Development Solutions

Providing the Services to Make Your Job Portal More Effective

Wondering how to develop a job portal for your company? You come to the right place, we deliver best job portal development services in India.

We’re a proficient online job portal development company in Coimbatore, India. We’re experts at creating custom recruitment software solutions that are highly reliable and professional. Our job portal software development solution is designed to help IT and non-IT companies to manage their recruitment processes more effectively.

Why Should You Hire Us For Job Portal Requirement?

Portal For Quick Recruiting

We’ve got you covered! Our job portal software offers quick recruiting for all your needs. We offer fast, reliable, and convenient recruiting services. We collaborate with you at every step of the way to ensure your job portal is designed properly.

Engage With Job Seekers

We create a platform that connects job seekers and job recruiters, this creates a great experience for both because job seekers have a better chance of finding a job that they love, and employers have a better opportunity to find qualified candidates.

Customized Designs

We have designed our job portal software packages around your business plan. Our team of experts is constantly researching the latest trends in technology to ensure your platform meets your expectations and offers your users a great experience.

Secure Candidates Data

Stay on top of data security and compliance trends, as well as the latest regulations protecting clients’ information. Our team uses only latest tools to cater the needs of our clients to secure candidates data.

Easy Proposition

A claim that can be proven to be true or untrue because it has truth value. We will take care of client’s requirements. Our approach is result oriented and we carry it out with the involvement of our professional team.

Satisfies Your Business Requirements!

Has An Idea of Creating a Proficient Job Portal Software?

Develop your idea into a successful business!

Job Portal Development Services
job portal development company

Job Portal Development Solutions

Providing the Services to Make Your Job Portal More Effective

If you’re seeking for a quick and efficient way to deliver your organisation with advanced recruitment portal, or want to take your career site to the next level? Then it couldn’t be simpler.

  • We at Webnox Technologies are ready to help you with the best design and development of your online job portal website and application.

  • The Job portal development in India is growing technology and we are offering every change just at a click in job portal application.

  • Webnox Technologies had planned to have the smart and quick process to develop the best job portal application with comfort and more efficient to get right candidate.

Candidate Login Feature

Candidate Login Feature

Quick & Easy Registration

Candidates can sign up quickly by using their mobile number, email ID, or social media accounts. Our job portals are developed with multiple features on the candidate job profiles. This allows candidate to share their profile with multiple hiring recruiters.

Manage Resume

The candidate can manage their resumes by including all relevant information, such as their personal information, and carrier details, projects, experience, and education. The candidate can also upload a video resume to make lasting impressions.

Job Search Portal

Candidate can make a job search based on their qualification, skills, salary expectation, experience, location and so on. Job seekers who are looking for a job can look at the relevant job profiles by using extra-ordinary job search filter option to save time.

Save jobs For Later

Our job portal development software can help Candidates have the option to save job posts for later consideration and can return to the same post whenever it is required. Also the Candidates can apply for the appropriate jobs.

Notification Alerts

A candidate can receive a job posting and job alerts via push notification or email that is relevant to the profile based on the filters the candidate searched (qualification, skills, salary expectation, experience, location).

Just Click to Apply

The candidates can submit an application for a specific position by attaching a cover letter and uploading a resume or CV file. Candidates can check the status of their application to see if recruiters have viewed it.

Employer Login Features

Employer Login Features

Easy Registration

Companies or recruiters can easily register themselves on the efficient job portal software by providing all the company information while creating accounts.

Customizing a Profile

Employers may easily manage the information on their panels. They will have complete control over adding and removing the company job related information’s on the profile.

Company public profile

Recruiters can easily create a profile. As a result, candidates can get the information they need, including the company name, job openings, salary, and so on.

View applied candidates

Employers can view candidate profiles, communicate and manage throughout the hiring process. HR and hiring managers can keep candidate data more organised.

New Job Posting

Recruiters can easily publish new job openings. Recruiters can also send invitations to qualified individuals to apply for specific opportunities.

Resume Filtering

Recruiters can search for specific resumes and filter the resumes for certain skills or experience. They are also allowed to download selected candidates resumes for interviews.

Admin Login Features

Admin Login Features

Admin Dashboard

Admin panel we created is customized and can monitor everything in the dashboard and can make the necessary adjustments. Admin can also add new admin users.

Content Management System

An admin can create new and translate CMS pages and can edit all website content from the backend. We create the CMS page that is best suited for your job portals.

SEO Friendly

To gain the maximum ROI out of your job portal development. We aim to boost its SEO so that search engines may crawl through it.

Customized Packages

We include versatile features for adding, hiring managers and candidates to multiple subscription plans, each of which is priced differently and provides different services.

Easy Payment Gateway

We specialise in the secure and easy integration of various payment gateways. Our payment gateway integration tool allows you to easily connect to Stripe and PayPal.

Ads Management

We create job ads with our job portal employment development software. So that a candidate can only view the relevant job postings during a job search.

Benefits of Hiring Webnox’s Job Portal Software Development

Ultimate User Experience
Real-Time Analytics
Profile Finder
Interactive User Interface
Flexible Hiring Models
Testing and Security
Third party Integration
Support & Maintenance
Job portal web application

What Drives the Popularity of Job-Recruitment Portal Development?

As an India’s leading job portal development agency, We are a crew of competent individuals working to offer an authentic and user-friendly website experience for success in business.

  • People may easily locate their desired jobs with the skilful employment portals created and developed by the Webnox team.
  • We offer a complete, Avant-grade solution for job portal web and app development that helps companies streamline their hiring processes and improve candidate management.

How It Works

Step 1

Check our free demo & fill the contact form below to send us your business requirements

Step 2

We will examine and get back to you with the demo plans and timeline of work

Step 3

Once the plan is approved, we’ll begin customizing features to meet your requirements

Step 4

You can check whether we are accessible for deployment by using our job portal app.

Step 5

After the end off the project, we do support for any additional inquiries or needs

High-Grade Job Portal Development Solutions

We at Webnox Technologies have a high level of professional job portal developers and tremendous business experience. So we are assured of the quality job portal development software that we afford to our clients. As one of the top providers of job portal software in India, our job portal application and its solutions are dedicated to offer our clients a trustworthy method. Our developer’s slogan is to work quality outlines with high ROI.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    • To make people’s hiring and recruitment process more comfortable
    • To make the best out of your interviews for both recruiter and job seeker
    • To make sure your candidates are the right fit for your organization

    If you are a hiring agency, recruiting firm, or any other organization that consistently employs professionals, job portal software can be a helpful tool for accelerating your recruitment process. It can also be handy for individuals or businesses wishing to construct a job search website.

    The development timeframe for job portal software is determined by a number of factors, including the project’s scale, needs, and level of customization. The exact timeframe, however, can be determined by speaking with our expert software development team after knowing the project’s specific requirements.

    The cost of developing job portal software might vary greatly depending on the project’s size, complexity, and special requirements. The technological stack employed, and the features and functionality of the software are all factors that might affect the cost. It is critical to collaborate with a development team to understand your exact requirements and obtain an accurate estimate of the development cost.

    Support and maintenance services for job portal software can include bug fixes, security updates, system upgrades, and technical support. Some development teams also offer ongoing maintenance and support services for an additional fee.

    Yes, job portal software can be customized to meet your specific needs. A development team can work with you to understand your requirements and develop a system that fits your unique needs and preferences.

    If you’re looking to post multiple jobs, our job portal development software will best suit your needs. You can post multiple jobs absolutely at free of charge from our advanced job portal recruitment software. Also, you can get converted to premium user to explore intuitive features.

    By providing advanced filtering and search capabilities, job portal software can help you recruit top talent by making it easier for candidates to identify appropriate job vacancies. Also, the software helps speed the application process and increase communication with prospects, making your organisation more appealing to potential hires.