Refund / cancellation Policy

At Webnox Technologies, we take customer satisfaction seriously and strive to provide the best possible web services to our clients. In the event that a client is not completely satisfied with our services, we have established a comprehensive refund policy. This policy outlines the circumstances under which we will issue a refund, as well as the steps a customer must take to request a refund.

To better understand the policy and its details, please refer to our service level agreement.

Cancellation Policy

In the event that a customer wishes to opt out of service for a project, they must send a request Any other form of contact other than mail such as phone calls, whatsapp or others will not be taken into consideration. Our team will then thoroughly analyze your issues and concerns and guide you on further procedures.
If the issue is at our end, the client will receive an activation code within a week of their request, which will be processed by our team at Webnox. If there is no email received by the client, it can be interpreted that the request is considered invalid.

Payment Refund Policy

Webnox Technologies adheres to various refund policies for each of our different services. For further details, please refer to the individual service agreement.

If a client requests to cancel a project, the acceptance of a refund by Webnox Technologies cannot be fully ensured. We will carefully evaluate the various factors involved in the project, such as the verification of the signed contract, email acceptance, and whether the contract was signed electronically or physically between the two parties. Only then we will decide whether to issue a refund.

Please note that Webnox Technologies will not be held liable for any payment transactions incurred for the project, and any amounts sent to third-party providers for services rendered or any non-recoverable miscellaneous charges will not be reimbursed by Webnox Technologies.

Conditions for Refund

Webnox Technologies reserves the right to refuse a refund in the following circumstances:

  • If the service has been fully provided and completed according to the terms and conditions outlined in the service level agreement.
  • If the client has changed their mind about the service and wishes to cancel it after the work has started.
  • If the client has not made an effort to resolve any issues with the service through the appropriate channels outlined in the service level agreement.
  • If the client has violated the terms and conditions outlined in the service level agreement.

Requesting a Refund

In order to request a refund, the customer must send an email to outlining the reason for their request. The email should include a detailed explanation of the circumstances and a copy of the service level agreement. Our finance and management team will then thoroughly analyze the situation and provide guidance on further procedures.

Reasons for Cancellation Refund Policy Explanation of Refund Policy
Cancellation of Work Order After Completion of Client Payment
Within 24 Hours of Placing the Order 90% refund of the amount paid is guaranteed 10% deduction will be made to cover the costs incurred for the payment gateway and accounting while returning the funds to the client’s account.
Within 2-3 Days after the advance payment is done 50% refund of the amount paid is guaranteed As soon as we receive financial confirmation, a Designer, Developer, and Project Manager will be allocated and hence resulting in 50% payment deduction.
After 3 Days from the date of confirmation No Refund No Refund
Acceptable Grounds for a Refund Claim
In the event of an accidental surplus payment by the client 100% of the excess amount will be refunded Full payment will be refunded to the client, with the exception of payment gateway costs, which will be deducted.
If the client is not satisfied with the design outcome No Refund We aim to comprehend the client’s vision before starting each project and provide multiple design revisions until the client is satisfied. If the client is not pleased with the designs, we will work alongside with the client to make the necessary modifications. Hence, we do not provide a refund in this instance.
Work Delay Upto 50% of the Total Payment Made Upon discovering issues with the project, we will meticulously review all project emails and documents. If the issues are caused by us, we will take corrective measures and offer a refund of 50% of the total payment made.
Technical Glitches No Refund Webnox Technologies will not be accountable for any losses that result from hosting and domain issues caused by third party vendors.
SEO No Refund In the event that the promised top ranking on search engines is not obtained, we will persist in our efforts for an additional 2 months with no refund.

For further queries and clarifications about our refund policy, please don’t hesitate to contact us at We will do our best to address your concerns in a timely and efficient manner.