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Being the leading water meter reading software development company in India, we build the best water meter reading software for Indian utilities. We provide the most efficient water utility management software India for water utility companies and thus help streamline your water supply chain operations.

With the best water utility billing software, effortlessly manage all of your water utility industry’s operations right from managing resources to bills and revenue.

Why should you hire our water met reading software development services?

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    Water Meter management

    • With water meter management software, add and configure multiple meters and manage all of its data.
    • The water meter billing software allows you to view data for any specific meter, its history and bills in the system.

    Automated Billing

    • Water meter reading billing software reads devices automatically and updates the meter readings.
    • With this feature, get access to readings fast and efficiently and bill your customers accordingly.

    Maintain Accurate Records

    • Create and maintain accurate meter records including billing status, measurement units and formats along with history.
    • The automatic meter reading software follows the validation, estimation and editing rule to provide error-free data.

    Interactive Dashboards

    • Water meter reading software’s interactive dashboard provides real-time data, KPIs, and alerts to monitor and optimize the utility’s performance.
    • Our water software development company in India builds water meter management solutions helps you with increased operational efficiency and improved decision-making.


    What is Our Water Meter Reading Software Capable of?

    Data Collection

    Collect data from your clients’ water meters such as consumption or usage data and convert them into billable units

    Automated Billing

    Automate your billing processes by generating error-free bills for your customers with minimum amount of human resources

    Meter Management

    Monitor for leakage detections and get notifications on any discrepancies detected in the water supply chain

    Customer Experience

    Provide outstanding customer experience by providing them with complete support through the user portal on the water meter reading app

    Usage Tracking

    Allow customers to track their usage, create comparison reports from time -to-time and reduce water bills

    Move-in and move-out

    With automatic meter reading software, bill your customers with the right amount even when they change their location at any time in the billing cycle


    How Does Our Automatic Water Meter Reading Software India Benefit Your Business?

    Making Every Drop Count With Custom Water Meter Reading Software


    Why Should You Choose Us For Water Meter Software Development Services?

    Robust Water Meter Reading Software For Your Utility Business

    We are the no.1 water meter reading software development company providing the best water meter reading software development services in India with the aim of assisting Indian water utility industries optimize their water supply chain and meter data collection processes.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Collecting, reading and analyzing all of the customers’ water meter data can be a daunting task with outdated technologies. This requires a modern solution. Our water meter data management software is exclusively built for Indian utility industries to overcome these hurdles.

    Despite the fact that water utility firms face little or no competition, they must still deliver quality services to their customers at a reasonable cost. As a result, they must keep expenses under control, invest in infrastructure, and make sound business decisions. This cannot be made possible without leveraging an intelligent water utility billing software from Webnox Technologies that incorporates all of the aforementioned features and more.
    Yes, our water meter reading software development company customizes to specific requirements and cater to the unique needs of different utility companies, property managers, or homeowners. Customization may include adding specific features, integrating with proprietary systems, or adapting to regional billing methods.
    Our expert water meter reading software developers often provide technical support and maintenance services to address any issues or updates that may arise. This support can include troubleshooting, bug fixes, software updates, and improvements to enhance performance and security.

    Yes, water meter reading software can be integrated with billing and invoicing systems. The software’s data can be used to generate accurate bills based on the recorded water consumption, streamlining the billing process for utility companies and property managers.

    Yes, water meter reading software can be applied to industrial and commercial settings to monitor water consumption in large-scale operations. It can assist businesses in managing water usage, identifying potential areas for optimization, and ensuring efficient resource management.